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Hey fellow coders who are seeking for knowledge and the best practice. I always start any topic by mentioning a short story of mine as it was a motivation to state why i had done it. I happen to have course for AI/ML where I had assignment which was having an AI that works as detector for defect items from production line, similar to what Co-cola use for their products. However, it was real mess for me where I had to setup python , install Keras library, install Anaconda UI, and many to name that I had to have them…

My drawing skills !

Imagine that we have a key that can give you privileges to enter to multiple rooms: meeting room, office, and exit door. Sounds awesome ? Well, most of the places the house-keeper or the guard would need to have multiple keys. Well this is how it looks once a company needs from IT dept to provide access to every employee.


Hi ALL !

Some of you may end up with the needs to make multiple API calls at once to get or send data to the back-end. It is possible to call them one by one and it works , BUT ! The issue is that we wish to trigger our loader from the beginning till the end that may end by writting POTATO code or we need to deliver PERFECTO work! Yep potato, let me drop an example over here of what I am saying:


LOTR ,Frodo and his beloved friend !

👁👁 Hello again and today is a bit different to the usual I do in my daily activity as programmer which is Vue ! I was interested to get to know new Front-End framework and Vue.js which I had my eyes on:👨🏽‍💻

1- Easy and simple.

2- Super fast and community is AWESOME !🔥

3- Promising and scalability for feature project.

Short Story

I started to learn Vue.js by jumping to one of the known crash course in YouTube , you know something fast to get into the thing.So, I decided to apply what I learnt so far by writing little tiny…

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Hi again !

If you did not read my awesome article for Remote Configuration for your app in Firebase:

Here we are in another topic that I would love to share my opinion why I see Dart is serious enough to take and also share my thoughts why I chose it in as the main language of my Thesis “ Scorpio”. Don’t expect a technical code or example of full feature, because this article is meant to share why I see Dart is great choice for my thesis. …

“That there’s some good in this world, Mr. Frodo… and it’s worth fighting for” , Sam

I personally do not like to re-publish my work to the store for tiny changes such as coloring, add/change text(s), or whatever you can name. I worked once with a customer where he kept asking over and over again to change some part of the design / coloring that he might made-up his mind for no reason, :/ there you go I must do it. I tried to keep myself and this customer with the requirements after agreeing, but NOPE! However, i came up with a nice idea:

What if we configure the application in the cloud, so we can…

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I am blogger, programmer, entrepreneur, and co-founder True Electronic Co.

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