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Hey fellow coders who are seeking for knowledge and the best practice. I always start any topic by mentioning a short story of mine as it was a motivation to state why i had done it. I happen to have course for AI/ML where I had assignment which was having…

My drawing skills !

Imagine that we have a key that can give you privileges to enter to multiple rooms: meeting room, office, and exit door. Sounds awesome ? Well, most of the places the house-keeper or the guard would need to have multiple keys. …


Hi ALL !

Some of you may end up with the needs to make multiple API calls at once to get or send data to the back-end. It is possible to call them one by one and it works , BUT ! The issue is that we wish to trigger…

LOTR ,Frodo and his beloved friend !

👁👁 Hello again and today is a bit different to the usual I do in my daily activity as programmer which is Vue ! I was interested to get to know new Front-End framework and Vue.js which I had my eyes on:👨🏽‍💻

1- Easy and simple.

2- Super fast and…

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Hi again !

If you did not read my awesome article for Remote Configuration for your app in Firebase:

Here we are in another topic that I would love to share my opinion why I see Dart is serious enough to take and also share my thoughts why I…

“That there’s some good in this world, Mr. Frodo… and it’s worth fighting for” , Sam

I personally do not like to re-publish my work to the store for tiny changes such as coloring, add/change text(s), or whatever you can name. I worked once with a customer where he kept asking over and over again to change some part of the design / coloring that he…

Ala Alhaj

I am blogger, programmer, entrepreneur, and co-founder True Electronic Co.

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